Oklahoma City Dumpster Rental

6 Yard Dumpster

6 Yard Dumpster Rental Oklahoma City
10' long, 6' wide, 3' high
Best Suited For
  • Construction / Landscaping Debris
  • Topsoil
  • Gravel
  • Heavy items like bricks or concrete
  • Small home cleanout jobs
  • Useful with small driveways

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How big is a 6 yard roll-off dumpster?

Our 6 yard dumpster is 6 cubic yards. The dimensions of a dumpster, however, varies. The specific dimensions for a 6 yard dumpster is 9 feet long, 3 feet high and 6 feet wide.
*Actual size may slightly vary.

Our 6 Yard Dumpster Rental Review

When I decided to rent a 6 yard dumpster for a home improvement project in Oklahoma City, I was overwhelmed by the options available. After researching numerous companies, I selected one that offered high quality service and competitive prices. The process was quick and easy; I simply filled out an online form with my contact information, the type of dumpster needed, and the date of delivery. 

The day of delivery arrived quickly and everything went according to plan. The dumpster rental company was on time and they provided helpful advice as to how best to use their services. They also gave me safety tips regarding proper waste disposal methods so that nothing would be hazardous to our environment or become an unsightly nuisance in our neighborhood.

I found renting a 6 yard dumpster from Bin There Dump That  in Oklahoma City extremely beneficial as it allowed me to keep my project organized while remaining within budget.

Why Should I Rent a Bin There Dump That 6 Yard Dumpster?

Renting a 6 yard dumpster from Bin There Dump That is a great choice for anyone looking to manage their own waste disposal in an efficient, stress-free manner. The company offers reliable service and easy delivery of the dumpster so that it arrives when and where you need it. The large 6 yard capacity also makes it incredibly versatile to use for all kinds of projects, allowing me to dispose of a huge amount of material at once. Additionally, the roll-off technology used by Bin There Dump That makes disposing of items very easy since I don’t have to lift or carry anything into the container. Plus, they are committed to customer satisfaction and ensure that their dumpsters are clean and well maintained before delivery so I can be confident that my job will get done with minimal hassle.